DUTECH understands the importance of data. But data isn’t enough. We understand the need to turn data into intelligence and actionable insight the business can act upon.

Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. At DUTECH, we turn technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions – all under one umbrella.

Key Solutions:

  • Next-Gen Analytics

    At DUTECH, we use next-gen analytics to power your data-driven organization. With the rapid increase in data volumes, traditional methods can get expensive and inefficient. Our teams remain updated with the latest trends and technologies to find solutions best suited for your business.

  • Data Visualization

    We understand the best data, is the kind you can “see”. Using advanced data visualization, we provide more insights than traditional enterprise reporting. Using innovative tools and approaches such as informed dashboards, mobile business intelligence, self-service capabilities, data discovery and interactive data visualization to pull the real value out of silos of data and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Business Intelligence

    To use your data to drive better outcomes, you need enterprise-class business intelligence (BI) solutions. Our services enable you to build robust reporting platforms, enable mobile accessibility and self-service capabilities. We combine BI technical expertise with business domain expertise to pull together key performance indicators across the organization.

  • Big Data

    We work with you to process massive volumes of data to extract actionable insights. Using predictive analytics, our customers use big data to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams.

  • Enterprise Data Management

    We believe that collecting terabytes of data isn’t enough. We help our customers manage data more effectively, generate accurate and timely reports and meet regulatory compliance. Our service offerings include data governance, master data management, data quality, data architecture assessment, data integration, metadata management and data security

  • Informed Intelligence

    Our team works with your business objectives to put together the correct data discovery initiatives. We assess, strategize and architect to build the ideal roadmap to that supports your business.

Functional Areas

  • User Experience Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Management Portal
  • Cloud-Based Analytics
  • Robust Reporting Platforms
  • Mobile-Enabled BI
  • Self-Service Platforms
  • Data Governance & Security

Functional Areas