With the proliferation of new technologies and strategies like big data, digital marketing, social media and mobile platforms, there are new unique opportunities for our customers to leverage and transform your business.

We guide you through the multitude of new services and show you how to leverage them for a richer customer experience, a more efficient workforce, and faster time-to-market.

Key Solutions

  • Digital Commerce

    Digital tools allow you to respond quickly to sudden market shifts and simultaneously deliver new products and services across channels. Our commerce and services experts have the experience and creativity to manage your digital commerce transformation. We are experts in the trends and innovations you need to succeed. We support our customers in Strategy & Experience Design, Implementation and Maintenance & Operation services.

  • Mobility

    We have a simple motto when it comes to mobility: reach your users anywhere, anytime, on any device. We believe mobility brings greater customer engagement, more workplace productivity, and deeper partner alliances. We are device and technology independent, so your users can stay connected on any device. Our services include Strategy, Application Design & Maintenance, Testing & Maintenance and Infrastructure Management.

  • User Experience Design

    Today’s consumers expect a consistent user experience across every device they own. To develop a unified, friendly design, you need experts who understand your audience and can design an easy-to-use interface with cross-platform consistency. Our design philosophy is to solve business complexity with simple design solutions that fine balance between form, function, and usability while maintaining the importance of regional preferences while retaining elegance and stickiness.

  • Portals & Collaboration

    Technological advancements and Internet trends are transforming enterprise web portals. More collaborative, socially interactive and experience driven, they empower users to harness the potential of content and data. We bring leadership and engineering expertise to next-generation digital and social collaboration design. This includes our flagship Enterprise Collaboration Platform, MAKTEBI, built and designed from the ground up for large, multi-teamed organizations.

Functional Areas

  • Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Maktebi

Technology Solutions

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Branding & Design